about Scandinavians in New Zealand


  • Early Manawatu Scandinavians - Skandia I
    A collection of contributed stories mostly involving Scandinavian settlers who lived at some point in Manawatu.  84 printed pages, including illustrations, a map, and a detailed index. Originally published in 1990 revised in 1999. (read online)
  • Mosquitoes & Sawdust - Skandia II
    An overview of migration from Scandinavia to New Zealand, as well as extensive coverage of the first Government-organised settlement of Scandinavians in New Zealand in 1870-1 particularly settlers at Palmerston North. The stories included other immigrant families highlighting a wide range of experiences involving Scandinavian migrants. There are also chapters on religion, legislation, timber milling and the experience of Scandinavian settlers during World War One.
    The book was written by Val Burr and published by the Club in 1995. It is well illustrated and contains 177 printed pages, including maps and an extensive bibliography and index. (read online)
  • Johanna's World
    A historical novel of a Norwegian emigrant family at Norsewood by Øystein Andresen, translated by Johan Bonnevie.  Early immigrant families who settled in Norsewood.
    Johanna's World, after which the Norsewood heritage park is named, is a historical novel on the life of a young woman who sailed on the 1873 voyage of the Høvding and who then lived out her life in Norsewood. Norsewood's story is told through her life experiences.
  • From Norway with Love
    About early immigrant families who settled in the Manawatu by Rachel Johnson.
  • A Time of Transition - Whakarongo School & District Twelve Decades On
    Whakarongo district and school, on the outskirts of Palmerston North, was previously named Stoney Creek district and Stoney Creek School. The school - which still exists on another site - originally served the Stoney Creek Scandinavian and Roadmen's Block - this being New Zealand's first Scandinavian Special Settlement, founded in 1871. This book effectively follows on from the  book 'Mosquitoes & Sawdust' (Skandia II), in that it brings the Stoney Creek/Whakarongo story through to 1999. It also follows on from the out-of-print book 'From Stoney Creek to Whakarongo: 1877-1977', by Vera L. McLennan.
    This book was researched and written by Val Burr, and published by the Whakarongo School & District 120th Jubilee Committee in 1999. The book is well-illustrated and contains 118 pages, including a detailed index.
  • Links with the Past - Scandinavians in New Zealand     (read online)
    This book is a scanned reprint (printed in 2010) of the former Scandinavian Club of Hawkes Bay's publication, which was originally compiled after the 1989 Scandinavian Gathering, which that club had hosted. It contains 78 pages. That club was wound up some years ago and its assets were passed to its sister clubs, and this book was considered too historically useful to be lost to present-day researchers.
    The Hawkes Bay club had collected stories contributed, as part of a competition to this effect, by descendents of a number of early Scandinavian families. Other features include a list of early ships that brought Scandinavians to New Zealand and related details.

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  • Old Manawatu - The Wild Days of The West  (read online)
    Author: Edward Tregear, F.R.G.S., F.R. Hist. S  Published 1903.  407pages + adverts.
  • New Zealand Past and Present     (read online)
    Author: Rev. James Buller.   Published 1880
  • The Story of New Zealand Past and Present - Savage and Civilized
    Volume 1  (read online)   Volume II (read online)
    Author: Arthur S Thomson MD 58th Regiment.    Published 1859
  • The Colonist: A Work on the Past and Present Position of the Colony of New Zealand
    Author: William Bateman  Published 1881   (read online)
  • The past and present of New Zealand; with its prospects for the future
    Author: Rev Richard Taylor   Published 1868   (read online)
  • Notes on Federal Governments, Past and Present with -
    Appendix of New Zealand Federal government     (read online)
    Author:  Thomas d'Arcy McGee, 1825-1868   Published 1865

  • Bishop Ditlev Gothard Monrad and his New Zealand Descendants
    Scholar, Statesman, Priest and Pioneer
    Author:  G C Petersen   Published 1965      (read online)